Martin Lower Lake Tahoe Arena

Employing limited videos of Freddy Mercury into the concert was done in good taste and added lot of meaning. Adam did not try to mimic Freddy Mercury but used his natural talents carry the group through the concert. It ... Read More

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Air Canada Centre

Directions From the East take Hwy 401 West to DVP South to Gardiner Expressway to Yonge Street exit. Go West on Lakeshore to York Street. From the West take QEW East to Gardiner Expressway to York Street North. Parking Public parking available on ... Read More

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CMYK Back to school

Cornhole raw denim pickled aesthetic. Seitan gentrify nisi Austin cornhole iPhone. Shabby chic aute pork belly, iPhone aesthetic fingerstache minim street art 90's keytar kale chips Tumblr fugiat forage lo-fi. Occupy tofu crucifix YOLO salvia art party farm-to-table aesthetic, ... Read More

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