When Frank Hurman gets behind the decks shown tireless. Always stuck with force and vigor, playing all styles of House, Deep, Tech-House and Techno with a perfect technique and an impressive style at the time of mixing. He began his career in music 19 years ago, and created his flagship radio program, LA HORA PROHIBIDA, show currently directs and produces taking worldwide audiences. In that same year with David Hidalgo and Carlo Bandini created their first line C.O.P. which came first cabin name PACO COP, edited with various labels their first songs.Currently and for the past several years, dedicated to electronic music in all its forms, Dj style chameleon that changes according to the public, with each session enjoy your audience.He has shared booths with great deejays and producers like Oxia, Paul Akaros, SUPERSTROBE, Ruben Solar Eddy Romero, Martin Huergo, among others, and has gone through countless cabins and festivals such as Mondino (Madrid), Lola’s (Ibiza), hell (Argentina), Ochy B (Argentina), Olaf (Argentina), Feel Club (Argentina), ’09 & ’11 Soundglasses Festival, Dreamfields, Entredosaguas, Hangar (Vinaroz), and etc. continue their upward attaching it to your groove- laden productions and feeling good,Frank Hurman’s work in the studio in a reflection of his success as a producer. Thanks to their productions in Bembe Recordings, Intech Records or 2Seconds Records.


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